I keep posting things on the wrong blog ugh

I have been to Hogwarts

I have been to Hogwarts

and travelled to Narnia.

I have met Selenites

and hunted for the Tigrillo.

I have found perks in being a wallflower

and slayed Smaug.

I have fought along side

Jaime Lannister and Nihal.

I have waited for Tartars

I have sang with th Mockingjays

and broght the One ring

back to Mount Doom.

I learned how to be good

and that I am not afraid

And I have spent a night on

the on the Orient Express.

I have visied Lyra’s Oxford

and lived in 1984

I have looked for Alaska.

And dreamed of David’s city.

I have heard the call of the wild.

I have visited Idris.

I have loved Agustus Waltes.

I have lived a thousand lives.